Muay Thai Team Building


Muay Thai Team Building

This course is designed to provide employees with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the exploration and engagement of the ancient art of Muay Thai boxing while relating it to the purpose of business operations. Muay Thai not only helps participants develop physical strength and self-defence skills but also cultivates mental toughness, discipline, teamwork and stress management. These attributes are essential in the world of business, making this course a unique and exciting way to enhance employee performance and well-being.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
·         Understand the history and fundamentals of Muay Thai
·         Learn effective communication and active listening
·         Enhance teamwork
·         Demonstrate emotional intelligence by recognizing and understanding the emotions
·         Enhance focus and concentration
·         Improve in confidence levels
·         Reduce stress and anxiety
·         Improve physical health
·         Apply lessons from Muay Thai to improve business operations and personal development

Course outline

Module 1: Introduction to Muay Thai and Its Relevance to Business
·         Introduction to Muay Thai as a martial art
·         Explore the connection between Muay Thai principles and business success
·         Set clear course objectives
Module 2: Basic Muay Thai Techniques and Physical Training
·         Learn fundamental Muay Thai stances, strikes, and defences
·         Engage in a physical fitness warm-up
·         Develop physical strength and agility through basic exercises
Module 3: Teamwork and Effective Communication
·         Partner drills to foster teamwork and trust
·         Developing effective communication on the training mat
·         Understanding the significance of collaboration within a team
Module 4: Mental Toughness and Stress Management
·         Techniques for building mental resilience and focus
·         Strategies for managing stress and anxiety
·         Practical exercises to apply these principles in business operations
Module 5: Business Application of Muay Thai Principles
·         Identify parallels between Muay Thai and business operations
·         Understand how discipline and resilience cultivated in Muay Thai can improve workplace performance
·         Group discussions on practical applications of Muay Thai principles in a business context
Module 6: Reflection and Action Planning
·         Reflection and future action plans

Trainer Profile:

Mr. Singhpayak Payaklampong , nickname “ Heng “    a seasoned boxing trainer with a passion for cultivating champions. With Championship of Regional experience in the sport, he committed to helping individuals reach their goals.
He believes in building strong fundamentals, emphasizing technique, and instilling discipline. His coaching style blends a focus on precision with a deep understanding of strategy in the ring and aiming out a full weapon.

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