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Mid Winter Restuarant, Khaoyai


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Signature Smoked Products

The brand “Midwinter Khaoyai” has been well communicated through the use of exquisite materials along with special delicacy recipes. Likewise, a meticulous Scandinavian interior, fine spirits, and occasional live music all aims to create the very best moments for our guests. We feel highly grateful that many people have come and shared their stories under the brand “Midwinter Khaoyai”. We will continue delivering this happiness for all guests at Midwinter. 



At Midwinter Khaoyai, #TasteBest is one promise we always make to customers, no matter where we serve the food, either at our restaurant or right at your home. Now, we have come up with 4 signature smoked products, available for #Free home delivery. From now on, you can own the original Midwinter taste right at your home. We promise that they will taste just perfect, like when you have it at our restaurant.

Try them all! These are 4 smoked dishes that have their best tastes guaranteed.

B.B.Q. Pork Rib
Ham Pork Neck
Ham Pork Chop
Pork Knuckle Leg

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